How to Properly Destroy Firearms

What are ATF’s Acceptable Destruction Procedures?

•Use an oxy/acetylene torch (not band sawed)

•Must remove at least ¼ inch of metal per cut

•Must be made at angles and completely sever the receiver in at least 3 critical locations (specified by model)

Acceptable method of destruction is to completely melt (smelt), shred or crush the firearm receiver. 

 These torch cuts are acceptable alternatives to shredding.

1.Must pass through the forward wall or barrel mounting area

2.Must pass through the rear wall

3.Must pass through an area having a critical fire-control-component mounting pin and/or the slot in which the operating handle reciprocates

An unserviceable firearm is not destroyed and is still regulated as a “firearm” under Federal law. Any method of destruction must render the firearm so that it is not restorable to firing condition and is otherwise reduced to scrap

Law Enforcement Crime Gun Destruction Services

Reduce property room clutter! 

Federal Firearms Licensed Manufacturer, Angel's Armory & Forge, provides law enforcement agencies with crime guns firearms frames destruction. We will torch cut firearm frames (leaving serial numbers visible) and return the destroyed frames to your agency for proof and documentation. 

Our service is ideal for handguns. 

Our service is paid for by retention of the small parts for our services. 

We pay for return shipping of frames back to your agency. 

Dwight Angel, Owner & Gunsmith, is a retiree of a major Florida Criminal Justice Agency. E Mail us with questions at [email protected]