Consignor Name: _____________________________ Date: ____________________________

Address: ________________________ City: ________ State: ___________________________

Cell Phone# __________________________________ Other Phone# ____________________

I (consignor) hereby commission you to sell the items listed on the attached sheets, to the highest bidder by public auction. I certify that I am the owner of the listed items and that I have good title and the right to sell them.

I certify that the items listed are free from all encumbrances. I agree to accept all responsibility for providing good title and for delivery of title to the purchaser.

It is agreed that the consignee is not responsible for the loss of any item due to fire, theft, damage, etc. I agree not to remove items from the auction item listings once this contract is consigned.

I agree to the terms and provisions posted on the DANGELCO Dwight Angel Companies website.

I understand that a 20% commission will be deducted from the gross sales of my items. Payment will be made to the consignor within 15 days from date of payment receipt and clearing the auction business account.

Items not paid for and/or funds not clearing are the responsibility of the consignor to collect.

Date: ____________________ Signature: _____________________________

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